When Barr was barred.. a suspense thriller from ‘modern’ times!


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Back to writing..

For a while, I’ve been thinking of getting back to it – writing. I think Scott Berkum’s post How to write a book – the short honest truth (especially the link to Video: How to write 1000 words) was the final push. I am hoping I can keep up with this for longer than last time (my last post was back in 2009! been a long time..)

Write, and write for a while… and you’ll actually begin writing!

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Another day..Another post!

hmm.. (this one begins with the ominous hmm.. – it’s not on a very grim hmm.., but just a regular ‘thinking’ hmm.., thinking ‘cause I sit here to write another blog post, and like yesterday I have no clue what I want to write)
but here I am writing.. again! it’s around 24 hrs since the last post..
If I recall the last 24 hrs, well.. they’ve been (at most) un-eventful. The usual office, the usual meetings, the regular evening signoff, an extra 20 mins of foosball play (we won…!!), and then home (sweet – yes, sweet temporary home).
The evening was, however, different than usual. Deepika and I went for a walk around 8..ish, and it turned out to be more than a small walk. We went walking till M… restaurant, and ended up having dinner there. What an awful food 😦
Anyways, dinner done – back to home (a nice walk back home – yes, the sweet temporary home), some regular work (some mails, some presentations, some bugs et al.)
and we clock 12:47 am!
so time to sleep, will again try to meet the online work tomorrow..
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The first!

As I write this first one, I have no clue what I wanna write. its 1:46 am here in Redmond, and I am going to sleep…well, in some time.

I don’t even know why i picked up this post at this time – just wandered away through an IE link I guess…

hmm, k – so will keep this short. Good night time for now..


the wonderful web – we’ll meet again tomorrow!


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